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Match - Update 1.6.0

[NEW] Export Panel

Thanks to the feedback by @Sebastien @Jason Brown and others, Match now features an enhanced export panel.

  • Pro Users can now save images in unlimited resolution (please be careful with really large images - what the app... (More)

New: Affiliate Program

For many years now we have been asked again and again whether there is a possibility to promote our color grading products and earn some commission in the process. And today the time has finally come.

I am so happy... (More)

Match Update 1.5.1

[NEW] Offline Storage

Images you load into the application are now saved automatically in the background. When you close the app or reload the page the main image and any Custom References (Match Pro) are persisted. There's now a new... (More)

Photon Update -

This update introduces native support for Apple Silicon Architecture (M1). If you are running MacOS, be sure to download and install the updated OpenFX Plugin as well, as this also supports Apple Silicon natively and fixes some bugs in... (More)