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Jonathan updated 10 hours ago

Photon Beta Release Notes

  • Improved OpenFX Connector Connection stability
  • Store your LUTs in DaVinci Resolve.
    • Photon LUTs which are created in "Connected"-Mode are now stored in the Resolve node and Resolve Project. During connecting these LUTs are loaded to Photon.
  • fixed wrong picking of... (More)
Jonathan liked 2 minutes ago

Add support for trackpad gestures / design custom gestures for Photon

Feature Request

The more I use Photon, the more tempted I am to interact with the spindle in a more organic fashion. pointing and clicking works just fine, but I can't help but think about what a gesture-based editing experience... (More)

Jonathan liked 3 minutes ago

Add history for actions / enable keyboard shortcuts to undo/redo

Feature Request

While working on a LUT, if you decide your last setting didn't take, there's not an easy way to undo it. You have you try to get the spindle back to it's previous state which is tough, or... (More)

Richard liked 7 hours ago
💭 Post

How can I undo a LUT after I have applied it from the media library?

I was playing around with LUT mixing today and tried to apply a LUT from the media library, which worked fine. However, when I wanted to go back to my plain reference image via the "reset LUT" option, the pre-applied... (More)