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Photon Beta Release Notes

If you are on MacOS : CLICK HERE TO UPDATE

or visit -> Account -> Apps & Products

  • Fixed 403 Error on Update URL
  • Fixed Crash on Download Update
  • Fixed GUI Jitter on MacOS at HD resolution
  • Fixed Buy... (More)

Feedback - Photon

@Pirmin Straub & @Jonathan Ochmann  I appreciate your help and want you to know that I am now enjoying this amazing program!

Thanks again !

Hi Jon,

unfortunately we could not replicate the issue you described in your other post5. I will issue a full refund for your purchase since we don't currently have any available resources to look into issues with the Vegas... (More)

Importing an existing product to my products

I purchased ImpulZ Ultimate on 30.12.2014. I've now created a new login on VisionColor. My product list is empty. How can I import my purchased product? I would also like to upgrade to the Hollywood Bundle. I also tried Account>View... (More)