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3D Color Grading Software 

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Hi @Brodie ,

thank you for reaching out!

What formats does Photon currently support for export?

As of the current version (Beta 1.0.4) Photon exports LUTs in CUBE format (15x15x15, 32x32x32, 64x64x64) and images as JPEG, PNG and TIFF.

Will... (More)


You can download just the latest version from your account here. That is enough to update Photon to the latest version. Even better: from the next update onwards Photon will automatically update in the background and you'll never have... (More)

Snapshots and Bug Report

The software crashes when trying to generate a snapshot right off the bat. If you tweak something then use the snapshot feature, it doesn't crash. I haven't tested if it crashes immediately after importing a lut only. Would you like... (More)

Feedback and bug report

Hi, I think that the new Cake and Ring are good tools to having the software taking shape, however I find myself not using them so often as it's still very intermediate. You should display a mask preview for the... (More)