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Questions, Answers, Updates and Support for Photon 3D LUT Editor and Color Grading Plugin for Davinci Resolve.

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Commercial Color Grading with Photon

Modern commercial look. Created entirely in Photon. No node trees, no LUTs. Just the power of Photon's smart color modeling, LUT painting and advanced 3D color masking. 

Photon Color Grading Breakdown

With just a few simple strokes over the image we're dramatically changing the look and feel of a beautiful night time shot by Photographer Jeremy Bishop

Photon automatically translates our paint strokes into smooth grading transformations in a 3D virtualized... (More)


Hi @rudolf germann7!

The windows version should be displayed when you open the page from a windows machine. If this is not the case please make sure to use either Chrome, Firefox or Edge and disable any plugins and... (More)

Photon Release Notes

  • New Names for Tools and Ranges
  • Fixed Crash on Loading broken Image Files
  • Fixed User Avatar on Windows