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Hi @Tom David Frey! Sorry for not responding sooner.

We have an article that explains the ins and outs of ImpulZ here:

And here's a video tutorial that shows the basics in Resolve. Skip to the 18:20 mark... (More)

Hi @江南 8 - thank you for reaching out!

C500 refers to the Canon EOS C500 Camera. Wide DR (Wide Dynamic Range) is a "Custom Picture" profile you can assign in the camera. The exact name is C1: BT.709 (Wide DR... (More)


Hi @Rajab Yahya7

Here's how you would normally set up your Nodes in Resolve for the 3-Step Cineon Workflow with VisionColor ImpulZ:

  1. The first node holds a LUT that converts your input color space (for example Sony S-LOG-3 or Rec709... (More)

Yes, via Generic Rec709 and LOG. There are no specific sensor calibrations but unless you're matching to real film footage that shouldn't be an issue. Generic 709 and LOG are pretty great in most cases and offer more stable/smooth transforms... (More)