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Hi @Rajab Yahya! Great question.

The current version of ImpulZ is not optimized for wide gamut or ACES HDR workflows.

We are actively working on ImpulZ 2.0 right now which will be ACES HDR compatible:

We will be... (More)

I used ImpulZ to create a Technicolor look

I wanted to share a little project of mine that I recently did for my university studies. We had to create a 1min shortmovie with a given object and a genre of our coice. I chose to do a homage... (More)

If you shot your video in REC709, then you have to use impulz LUTZ for REC 709 ie. From the generic REC 709 impulz luts folder. I advise you to use the ones labelled FC. If you are using... (More)

Noise Issue Kodak 500T Rec709 Impulz

I have an issue using this LUT in certain conditions it generate grain noise

The two snapshots are SOOC and then with the LUT applied

The limited amount of noise is blown up by the LUT it seems for all... (More)