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Ok guys im happy that i join in this community i always like to buy Impulz and try it so the time has come i bought Hollywood Bundle all is but one think, there is no a god damn tutorial for Premiere Pro, the tutorial that i saw after bought doesnt help me at all i was more confused than before :D Im shooting with Sony a7SII - Slog2 - Sgamut3.cine any idea? Thanks so much!

Where am I?

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Hi @Ioannis Tsanis,

thank you for reaching out. So the process for grading with ImpulZ is pretty much the same for all editing applications. The most important part to understand is the file naming and folder structures. This is explained in detail here:

Now, if you want to grade with two LUTs (1. Negative to Cineon, 2. Cineon to Print Film) you can do this in Adobe Premiere with the Lumetri Panel.

  1. Basic Correction: The LUT slot at the top is where you'll apply the negative film emulation starting with the name of your input format (for example Rec709) followed by the name of the film stock (for example Fuji-Pro-400) followed by the CIN suffix. So you'll load Rec709_Fuji Pro 400_CIN.cube - this will give you a flat looking, cineon log representation of the Fuji Pro 400 film stock. 
  2. Creative: This is where you'll apply the Print Film Emulation. Find any cube file in the Cineon Conversions folder from ImpulZ that says "Cineon To...", for example Cineon To Kodak 2383 (D65).cube 
  3. Now any corrections you make are processed through the LUTs and you have emulated a true Hollywood workflow with the use of film emulation LUTs and manual color grading. You can swap out your LUTs at any point to try different looks.