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Hello, I was reading in an old magic lantern post that the visioncolor picture style has colorimetry based on Kodak Vision 3 5213, my question is how accurate is the match of visioncolor picture style colorimetry with the film stock? And how did you get the color information? Was it using a colorchecker to match the hsl values or how was it?

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It’s not an accurate emulation. The primaries along the saturation axis where mapped pretty closely and the hue/luminance values of 5213 where used to derive the color profile. The values where sampled from one of the earliest film measurements we created - long before we made much more precise Film Emulations for ImpulZ. Our primary goal was to create a profile that packs maximum stable color information into the encoded signal coming from EOS sensors. We used film as a guideline for the aesthetic - but you can easily tell it’s not a film emulation when applying the real 5213 LUT from ImpulZ to VisionColor footage.