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Asked a question 5 months ago

Hello, i recently purchased the osiris luts put the downloaded folder is empty after unzipping so i cant import any lut to premier. Could you help me

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Hi @Niklas Schlosser17 - None of the download folders should be empty. 

  • The LOG LUTs folder contains 9 .cube LUTs
  • The Rec709 LUTs folder also contains 9 .cube LUTs
  • The Utility LUTs folder contains 4 .cube LUTs

Possible issues

Did you use any third party application to unzip the contents? To find out if your unzip application might have stripped the cube files during unpacking you can check the file size of the downloaded zip archive. If it's larger than 0kb it does contain the LUTs. If that's the case please unzip the folder with your systems native unzip utility. Both Windows and macOS can unzip our files without the need for a third party application. 

If you're still not seeing anything your system might be configured to not display certain file types. Since this is non-standard and .cube files are shown by file explorers by default you or a third party system utility software must have configured your file explorer to hide certain file types. Please roll back those changes to system defaults if this is the case.

Let me know if you can get it to work. If not please provide us with more system specs and how you tried to unzip your folders so we can look into this. Thank you!

i want to use the log LUTs on Mac but this folder is empty after unzipping

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