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Photon allows you to make fine grained adjustments to any portion of the 3D color space in order to apply localized color transformations with the various mouse tools.

Creating a selection

You can select "Local Range" mode by clicking on the eyedropper icon on the bottom left hand side of the color shaper panel.

Doing so will toggle open the selection range controls. Here's a quick demo of making a selection in HSL mode - in other words specifying a color range based on Hue, Saturation and Lightness values.

Note: To define the color you want to create your selection around, simply place a marker directly on the preview image.

Live-previewing selections

As you can see in the video above there are two useful features for live-previewing your selections:

  1. The image mask - when toggled on (click the mask icon next to the HSL controls), the image mask creates a neutral grey overlay over your preview image and leaves the currently selected color range cut out.
  2. All colors within the current selection range are highlighted in the 3D point cloud inside of the Spindle.

Tip: Changing the perspective of the Spindle is a great way to evaluate the selection range across three dimensions. Looking at the Spindle from a top view nicely reveals the hue and saturation selection while looking at it from the side highlights selected colors across the luminance range.

Making localized adjustments

Just like global adjustments, you can use any of the mouse tools (Push/Pull, Compress/Expand, Twist and Bend)  to transform colors in your localized selection. In the demo video above you can see how we made a rough selection of the sky in order to change its luminance by dragging across the Y-Axis with the push/pull tool. We could have just as easily bent the sky color to introduce different tonality or twisted it around its center to completely change the hue. 

Not breaking the grade

Localized adjustments are very powerful but also notoriously prone to introducing color artifacts. To help you keep the color transitions of your grades nice and smooth, Photon offers a global Smoothing control which can be applied at any point during your grade. You can find it at the top right hand side of the color shaper interface. It comes in especially handy if you want to smooth out strong local color adjustments which might have introduced artifacts into your grade. 



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