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Photon - Grade Breakdown

In this quick showcase we are creating a simple look using some of Photons basic and advanced 3D color grading features. The final grade can be exported as a 3D LUT to be used in most photo and video editing... (More)

Photon - Connecting the OFX Plugin in Davinci Resolve

  1. Open Davinci Resolve
  2. Navigate to the color tab
  3. Find the PhotonConnector plugin in the OFX library
  4. Apply the plugin to a corrector node
  5. Make sure Photon is running in standalone mode. If Photon is not running you should open... (More)

Photon - Saving your work

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In order to save your progress you can click the Export button on the top right hand side of the application. The... (More)

Photon - Working with the Spindle


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The Spindle is the 3D color shaper at the heart of Photon. It allows for extensive control over color in three dimensions.

A direct consequence of the unique geometric shape of... (More)