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Hi @Jerome Hart6!

It's possible to export your selection as Layer Masks to Photoshop.

  1. Make your selection
  2. Make sure "White to Black" Mask mode is selected by going to Settings -> Mask
  3. Turn the mask view on with the... (More)

Add history for actions / enable keyboard shortcuts to undo/redo

Feature Request

While working on a LUT, if you decide your last setting didn't take, there's not an easy way to undo it. You have you try to get the spindle back to it's previous state which is tough, or... (More)

How do I create my own LUT library?

Feature Request

I discovered after my first Photon editing session that my LUTs don't persist after the program is closed. Is there a way I can save snapshots so they remain in the snapshot area? Do I have to export... (More)