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Hi @Seiichiro Akiyama,

Or is it a subscription?

No subscription. These LUTs are one-time-purchases meaning you buy them once and own a license to use them forever.

The LUTs are all compatible with Davinci Resolve and EOS 70D footage.... (More)

Hi @Vinay !

Yes, the Hollywood LUT Bundle includes all of the ImpulZ and OSIRIS LUTs. In fact, you will get individual licenses for both libraries. It is also possible to upgrade from either library to the Hollywood Bundle via... (More)

Hi @marco ! While its definitely possible to use ImpulZ within an ACES pipeline the current version of ImpulZ has not been created with ACES in mind. ImpulZ comes with its own set of input device transforms that were created... (More)

Hi! How many computers can I install the program onto? (Hollywood Bundle)