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Feature Request
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Hi @Brodie ,

thank you for reaching out!

What formats does Photon currently support for export?

As of the current version (Beta 1.0.4) Photon exports LUTs in CUBE format (15x15x15, 32x32x32, 64x64x64) and images as JPEG, PNG and TIFF.

Will... (More)

HSL qualifier

@Pirmin Straub @Jonathan Ochmann
So after a couple days of use, my findings about the HSL qualifier are that although possible to get a "so-so" mask of an entire sky, this scenario remains one of the most struggling, as it... (More)


Hi. Another one off my pity problems. My understanding is that the reference image is color managed similar to any other editing software (in my case mostly photoshop/aftereffects/resolve etc. ) Otherwise it would obviously be impossible to produce a LUT... (More)