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Photon Update Link - 403 Forbidden Error

I purchased the current beta version of Photon and when I open the program an update reminder comes on. However when I click to update I get a 403 forbidden error. 

Need advice! Thanks!

Photon Update Bugs

Hi. Me again.

I finally have time to play again - and get annoyed. I attached a screen grab video. Don't think I have to say anything to explain what's the buggy behaviour. On this note: Version seemed to... (More)

Browser compatibility of update links

The download link from photon prompted at startup of the app does not work on safari 13.1.2.

Error 404. Works on firefox. But on firefox I can't use the hub as I can't edit a post. Also, on safari it... (More)

Can't get a new password

Trying to reset my password but the link says it's invalid. "Failed security check, expired Activation Link due to duplication or date."