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Asked a question 25 days ago

to use osiris luts is it necessary to shoot with a flat profile on the camera? or can I use the vision tech or vision color profile from you and over to apply osiris luts?

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Hi @Palas Marius17 and welcome to color.io15
The VisionColor OSIRIS LUTs come in 2 flavors: LOG and Rec709. This means that you can shoot with a flat profile and use the LOG LUTs or shoot with a regular contrast profile and use the Rec709 LUTs.

Since you’re shooting with a Canon DSLR I would strongly suggest to shoot with a normal contrast profile like VisionColor, VisionTech or Canon Neutral.

You will then want to apply the Rec709 version of the OSIRIS LUTs to that footage. That process will put less strain on your precious footage and yield superior results. 

Let me know if you have any questions!