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This is probably a very long way from being implemented but I'll ask anyway: Colour science centric options such as: selecting an input and output log flavour (all of the typical video types). Input and output gammut mapping options. ability to set these up in different "flows" so that the main spindle editing can be done either before the input, after the input or after the output depending on whats needed. Separate gammut mapping spindle and then a "creative" spindle would also be extremely valuable. Also, ability to edit the 1D curve or "contrast" directly via a curve editor. I am finding that for 3D transforms the spindle is excellent, but for simple 1D contrast adjustments its honestly easier to use a curve editor. either that or an easy way to isolate the 1D curve in the spindle first. And finally: R, G, B editible 1D curve editors. This would help shape some overall look tones while then giving access to the power of 3D LUT manipulation via spindle. Keep up the good work! Just found this tool and am really loving it.

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Hi @Brett Rayner6 - thanks for your feedback! We are actually working on a true color managed workflow right now - there is indeed a lot of work ahead of us before we will be able to release it but I'll definitely let you know as soon as we have an ETA. I've also noted your request for curve interfaces. Glad you like Photon!

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