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Asked a question 8 months ago

Photon won't render in Resolve, it just crashes the GPU or says there's an error. I also got this message when I restarted the computer (see attached). Running Windows 10, Core i9 with 128 gigs of RAM with 2 Nvidia 1080 ti's running the latest NVIDIA Creator Driver and running the latest version of Resolve 17.

I just the OFX plugin for my Resolve Windows machine and it crashes the GPU instantly. I'm running an i9 7960x with two NVIDIA 1080 Ti's and a 128 gigs of ram running the latest version of Resolve 17.
I'm still trying to get Photon to work on my Windows 10 machine. Looking at the system requirements it says it needs Open CL. Does this mean that Photon doesn't really work well with NVIDIA cards/CUDA drivers? Strangely, I have no problems working with Photon as a standalone app. It just won't run properly in Resolve 17 (latest version). I still have not gotten it to render. Resolve always crashes but Photon doesn't.

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