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Asked a question 10 months ago

In order to use the CineLikeD Impultz LUTS do I need to tweak the camera profile for example to reduce saturation before I apply the LUT? The colors seem too rich at times

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ImpulZ has been profiled with these in-camera settings for the Panasonic Cinelike D profile:

- Saturation: -1
- Highlights: -3
- Shadows: +3
- All other Settings: 0

ImpulZ LUTs should always be used as one component of a larger color grading workflow. 

If you find that the saturation of the image after applying a LUT is too strong for your liking you can further decrease the saturation in-camera or in a post processing layer/ node before a Film Emulation LUT is applied.

There are many more variables besides the color profile that affect the saturation of the final image like lighting, camera lens and scene colors which is why it's so important to find the right setup for your individual shooting style and preferences. Making 1D color adjustments like saturation and contrast does not negatively influence the 3D color space transforms of the LUTs so you can safely adjust these properties without sacrificing the underlying film aesthetic.

Let me know what software you're grading in if you need a workflow example!