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Asked a question 20 days ago

I would like to ask what model is C500 Wide DR? What does Wide DR stand for? How to apply a whole set of impuIz scientifically?

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Hi @江南 6 - thank you for reaching out! 

C500 refers to the Canon EOS C500 Camera. Wide DR (Wide Dynamic Range) is a "Custom Picture" profile you can assign in the camera. The exact name is C1: BT.709 (Wide DR / BT.709 Gamut)

To get an accurate match to the film negative you'll want to apply ImpulZ LUTs for a specific camera and profile (like C500 Wide DR) with footage from that exact camera and profile combination.

So if you have footage from a C500 shot with the Wide DR profile, you can apply all LUTs from the C500 Wide DR folder and get the intended results.

This article5 explains the file naming conventions in greater detail and should get you started! Let me know if you have any other questions!

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