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Asked a question 14 days ago

Hi, I have a few questions before I purchase Photon 3D: (1) How to activate Photon 3D after online purchasing? Will I receive a Serial Number so that I can activate it offline, or it will be a direct online activation process? (2) How many PCs can I install Photon 3D on? (3) If I reinstall my PC operation system, how to re-activate this software? Thanks!

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  • When you purchase a license of Photon it is associated with your color.io2 account. You can sign in from within the Photon software. This requires an internet connection.
  • A single license of Photon allows you to be signed in to Photon on up to 2 devices. To install Photon on another computer you simply sign in on the other device. 
  • When you've reached your session limit you can remotely sign out of other sessions on other machines.