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Asked a question 4 months ago

Hello,I just started testing the Photon and definitely find it an interesting option. However, your demo mode does not allow me to see how it works further with Premiere. Do you have any video on that, or can explain, please? Is the export done as one of LUT formats to be imported to Premiere? Some other way? I find it unclear, and can't order until I get clear understanding of how it works. I live on a tiny third world island, and here , after conversion, your basic license cost is equivalent to about $500 USD or more, so i need to really know what i can do with it before buying. Thank you.

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Hi @Derek Galon9,

thank you for reaching out.
You can export to standard CUBE files either as 15x15x15, 33x33x33 or 64x64x64.
In Premiere you can import them via the Lumetri panel or with any LUT handler of your choice like you would with every other LUT.

A plugin for Premiere Pro (like it is already with the OpenFX Plugin for DaVinci Resolve) is definintely on the Roadmap, but currently there is only the way mentioned above to bring your grade to Premiere.