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Asked a question 9 months ago

Hello, I just purchased Photon so that I could export the colors of images I imported in Match as a 3D Lut but it doesn't seem to work. When I click "Export" > "Photon 3D Lut" it only gives me the option of exporting to my notes or email, is this a bug? If this doesn't work there is no use for me to use Photon. Thank you

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Hi @Raphael 20,

that's definitely a bug in Safari (OSX and iOS) in the current beta. 

-> You can work around it by using Match in Google Chrome13
-> Or the more privacy concerned variant Chromium21

I've already fixed the bug but the fix hasn't been released yet because we're working hard on a complete overhaul of the algorithm and interface behind the scenes. I'd say we're about one week away from launching the official 1.0 version. 

Is the workaround an okay solution for you right now? 
You will be able to use Match 1.0 in Safari, Chrome, Edge and Firefox when we launch.