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Asked a question 6 months ago

Hello, I bought the Osiris pack Luts, and I am wondering about the use of the Sony S-LOG 2 to LOG.cube. I shoot in S-LOG 2 but, as I try out the Luts, I see that my S-LOG 2 footages don't need to go from S-LOG 2 to LOG to look fine. As a matter of fact, It is quite the opposite, if I use the S-LOG 2 to LOG.cube, it makes my footage worst when I finally put the Lut. So does anyone can help me on the purpose of the S-LOG 2 to LOG.cube, or maybe I am doing something wrong ? Thanks :)

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thank you for reaching out! What camera is your S-LOG 2 footage from? The S-LOG 2 to LOG conversion that comes with OSIRIS is fairly old and might be based on another S-LOG 2 spec than the one your camera generates.