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Asked a question 11 months ago

Can Photon be used with a professional calibrated monitor via SDI? If not, it seems very strange to have a precision colour application that will only work on a basic innacurate and uncalibrateable (Or ICC only) GUI monitor which can not be relied on for precision. I suggest you find a way to make this work via OFX in resolve in the same way eg Nobe Color Remap is used via OFX in resolve. In Nobe the adjustments you make are on the live picture on your external SDI monitor. Without this feature how is it possible to take Photon seriously for precision LUT adjustment and color? Thanks

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Hi Keidrych - this is possible, it does currently take the extra step of pressing the "Render" Button on the OFX Plugin though. I will upload a Demo Video so you can see what I mean. 

We agree that the ideal solution would be to get a live image on the Reference Monitor and we are striving to accomplish that soon.