I tested Photon. First, the good. It's an exciting way to visualize and manipulate colour. Secondly the bad - workflow wise and math implementation wise there are significant issues that mean it can't be used for fine tuned and precise 3D LUT creation and manipulation. Here are my notes based on using the OFX plugin:


- math implementation of a change travelling into the greyscale is problematic causing noise and banding artefacts and lack of smoothness. I had problems here right on the first image i tested trying to lower luminance and hue shift reds. I had artifacts as the red tone neared the grey scale that i could not remove no matter how much i played with all the keying / mask options. Other tools such as Nobe Color Remap do not do this - better maths with smooth results across hue and into grey scale without heavily changing the grey scale.

- a rendered colour change is not stored in the node correctly because as soon as you open another instance of photon on another node it applies the same colour change as the first node. Meaning you can only have one instance of Photon ever, any further change on any other project will mess up the original node.

- Only one version of spindle per project

- Crashes resolve when resolve is booted with spindle node turned off then you turn on spindle node and connect

- Having more than 1 OFX Photon node creates all sorts of bugs

- Can’t name snapshots, can’t save different Photon projects! How is this possible in a modern plugin?

- Can’t smooth only one change - it’s global

- Photon crash after tour. Lost all work, lost all snapshots

- While in resolve close photon and open again - all work lost, any node with a rendered effect resets back to no effect.


What i want to be able to do is have several Photon instances all dedicated to different tasks that i can switch on and off eg one is Red luminace and hue and contrast, another is yellow hue and contrast and so on. I couldn't get a basic workflow going and with the bugs creating loss of all work and no ability to save work it rendered the plugin unusable despite it's great potential. The workflow is just a dead end in its present state.