So far the focus of our small team has been on improving and extending the technical aspects of Photon based on your feedback. We're really proud of how this close relationship with our users allows us to continuously create a better product.

But since we launched out of beta and started to introduce Photon to a larger audience we have received one overwhelmingly negative response: "Your pricing model sucks".  The main objections were this:

  • unclear license terms
  • no more updates or export after one year of usage
  • too expensive when licenses have be to renewed yearly

None of these pricing and placement decisions were made with the intention to be deliberately confusing or limiting to our users. More than anything they were the result of being focused on creating a useful product and not having an experienced marketing team behind us. 

TLDR: Effective immediately, we are changing Photon to a lifetime license at the same price we previously charged for a yearly subscription. 

Lifetime license means:

  • One Time Purchase
  • Lifetime Support
  • Lifetime Updates (for MAJOR versions)
  • Special Discount when we upgrade to a new MAJOR version (like Photon 2.0 in a few years)

Additionally all current users, including everyone on the public beta deal are upgraded to a full lifetime license free of charge. 

Thank you for your continued support and feedback. Working on this product and platform has been an incredibly rewarding learning experience and we can't wait to show you some of the more exciting things we've been working on (other than pricing :D)


@Manuel Huettel @Pirmin Straub @Jonathan Ochmann