1. Open Davinci Resolve
  2. Navigate to the color tab
  3. Find the PhotonConnector plugin in the OFX library
  4. Apply the plugin to a corrector node
  5. Make sure Photon is running in standalone mode. If Photon is not running you should open the application now.
  6. With Photon running, click "Connect" in the OFX plugin panel. This establishes a hardware optimized connection between Resolve and Photon. 
  7. When you're done making changes in Photon, come back to Resolve and click "Render" in the plugin. This applies the transformations made in Photon to your node in Resolve.

Some key points to consider:

  • Both Resolve and Photon Standalone need to be running simultaneously. Applying the plugin does not automatically start the Standalone application. 
  • When the plugin is connected, live-video from Resolve is streamed to the Photon renderer. All video control (play, pause etc) remains on Resolve's end. 
  • Color changes made in Photon are reflected in the Photon preview canvas. Color transformations are streamed to Resolve once you manually click "Render" in the plugin panel. As of now this is a limitation of Resolve but we are working with Blackmagic to hopefully automate rendering in the future.