Hi Jonathan

I've got a couple of feature suggestions that I think others might find useful too...

  1. When I make adjustments to one of the built in color adjustment presets (analog, fashion etc), I'd love to be able to save my adjusted presets into a 'my presets' folder. Is this possible?
  2. When I load a custom image as the LUT source, sometimes Match seems to have a tough time working out what are skin tones in the image I load which can result in some very odd results. How difficult would it be to add a color picker tool that lets you manually tell match.color.io what colours in both the LUT source and the image I am editing are for skin tones? match.color.io could then map the selected skin tones in the LUT source to the selected skin tones in the image being edited? Is this possible?

Keep up the great work!

Best - Jason