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Hi Jon,

unfortunately we could not replicate the issue you described in your other post5. I will issue a full refund for your purchase since we don't currently have any available resources to look into issues with the Vegas... (More)

Importing an existing product to my products

I purchased ImpulZ Ultimate on 30.12.2014. I've now created a new login on VisionColor. My product list is empty. How can I import my purchased product? I would also like to upgrade to the Hollywood Bundle. I also tried Account>View... (More)

Better LUT support for Lightroom and Camera RAW

We need your help

Help us add better 3D LUT support for Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw by upvoting this feature request on the Photoshop Feedback page:

Click here -> Feature Request on Photoshop Feedback Site <----

Upvoting this... (More)

LUT plugin not showing in Vegas Movie Studio


I've downloaded and installed the Vegas Lut plugin to use in Movie Studio 16. It's not showing up in video fx.

Can anyone help please?