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Questions and Answers related to VisionColor products available from


Hi @Tom David Frey! Sorry for not responding sooner.

We have an article that explains the ins and outs of ImpulZ here:

And here's a video tutorial that shows the basics in Resolve. Skip to the 18:20 mark... (More)

It’s not an accurate emulation. The primaries along the saturation axis where mapped pretty closely and the hue/luminance values of 5213 where used to derive the color profile. The values where sampled from one of the earliest film measurements we... (More)

Hi @江南 5 - thank you for reaching out!

C500 refers to the Canon EOS C500 Camera. Wide DR (Wide Dynamic Range) is a "Custom Picture" profile you can assign in the camera. The exact name is C1: BT.709 (Wide DR... (More)