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Feature Request
Feature Request


Hi. Another one off my pity problems. My understanding is that the reference image is color managed similar to any other editing software (in my case mostly photoshop/aftereffects/resolve etc. ) Otherwise it would obviously be impossible to produce a LUT... (More)

Add support for Adobe Lightroom via plugin / add ability to export LUT as .xmp

This, I believe will make Photon stand out from the crowd:

Add support for .xmp file extension

Currently using LUTs in Lightroom that have been created and saved as .cube files is not a straightforward task. The solution is either... (More)

Add support for trackpad gestures / design custom gestures for Photon

Feature Request

The more I use Photon, the more tempted I am to interact with the spindle in a more organic fashion. pointing and clicking works just fine, but I can't help but think about what a gesture-based editing experience... (More)

Add history for actions / enable keyboard shortcuts to undo/redo

Feature Request

While working on a LUT, if you decide your last setting didn't take, there's not an easy way to undo it. You have you try to get the spindle back to it's previous state which is tough, or... (More)